Colic, Reflux, Spitting-up

Pressures on the head and spine during the contractions of birth are tremendous, and can leave permanent torsion and compression patterns in the body’s structure, unless these patterns are released by a cranial sacral osteopath.

The occiput bone rests on the first cervical (neck) bone. Next to it is the temporal bone, (the bone around the ear). Between the bones is an opening called the jugular foramen. Four cranial nerves exit here off the brain stem. One of the nerves is the vagus nerve, which is the main nerve leading to the digestive system. If this opening is compressed and the nerve is squashed, spitting up, colic, and reflux often occur. This is the most common birth trauma, and it can be easily treated with cranial sacral osteopathy.

Reflux can also be caused from too much pulling on the umbilical cord at birth. The soft tissue inside the body that surrounded the vessels to the liver and lungs has attachments to the liver, diaphragm and part of the small intestine. Gentle release of the umbilical scar can achieve remarkable relief of reflux.