Healing a Sprained Ankle

Healing a Sprained Ankle

1. At the time of the sprain, drop to one knee and sandwich the ankle between both hands, with the right hand always on the inside (medial side), regardless of which ankle is injured. Acupressure will immediately calm trauma reaction of the body.


2. Walk to your (car, house, school, etc.), trying not to favor the injured ankle. This works the joint back into alignment, slows swelling and keeps circulation moving through the joint. Much of a sprain recovery time is dealing with swelling.


3. At the first opportunity, get the foot immersed in ice water for 20 minutes.


4. Follow ice immediately with an application of Traumeel, a topical homeopathic ointment, to the ankle. Orthopedic surgeons swear by it for bruises, sprains, trauma, post-surgery, etc. You can get it at natural food stores.


5. Ingest one dose of 30C strength homeopathic remedy, Ledum Palustra (not contraindicated by any other medications and is available at natural food stores.) Follow with 30C Ruta Graveolens 6-8 hours later and repeat dosage twice 6-8 hours apart.


6. While standing with support (wall, etc.) and weight on good leg, do some easy movement of the foot/ankle like ballet brushes – lick the floor effortlessly with a relaxed foot about ten times, then shake the foot freely and lightly – move it but do not make it work; repeat 3-5 times (this gets circulation going through the joint and loosens it up so it can self correct.)


7. Take the injured foot in hand – toes with one hand and heel in the other – and, while gently pulling the foot away from the leg, and the foot fully relaxed, gently, slowly rotate the foot clockwise a few times and then gently rotate the foot counter clockwise a few times. The foot needs to be completely relaxed with only the hands doing the work. It is not a vigorous movement. Repeat 3-5 times. This helps with circulation and to realign the bones of the ankle with the tibia and the fibula.


8. Sandwich the ankle between the hands as before for 5-20 minutes. Again, acupressure helps to renew the correction of energetic flow through the joint and awaken the body’s own healing ability.


9. Repeat steps 3-8 as a series three times a day for 3-5 days. You can walk or bike. No impact – but movement of the ankle with peddling helps circulation, alignment and strengthening.


10. Use an ankle support sleeve while getting around between series steps 3-8 above. DO NOT WRAP as this inhibits movement in the joint which is key to healing.


11. Go to sleep at night gently but firmly sandwiching the opposite wrist (if left ankle, right wrist) at the base of the hand between the thumb and fingers of the other hand. Again, acupressure energetically will use the wrist/opposite ankle relationship to excite the body’s healing mechanisms.


12. Come in for osteopathic manipulative treatment as soon as possible.  This is an integrative/multi-dimensional approach using several complementary disciplines: physical therapy, homeopathy, and acupressure. It’s a complete system, so doing all steps is important for rapid, reliable recovery. Being in initial good shape is, of course, centrally supportive of the process, as is a good diet.