Immune Dysfunction

The entire body is constantly moving. There is voluntary motion of bones including motion of the 24 cranial bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons; but there is also subtle motion of fluids, and all of the organs (not just heart, lungs and intestines), but the liver, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, brain and spinal cord have inherent motion.

The principle in osteopathic manipulative treatment is to restore motion in the body on all levels.

The lymphatic vessels carry the large white blood cells, which are responsible for ingesting bacteria and viruses. If the body’s motion is compromised this system does not work well.

The blood vessels carry the blood transported part of the immune system called antibodies and ‘T’ helper cells. If the blood vessels or lymphatic vessels are twisted or have pressure on them from minor dislocations or distortions of bone and muscle, then the immune system does not work well and causes immune system dysfunction.

Often people I treat will tell me that they experience fewer illnesses after undergoing osteopathic manipulative treatment. Osteopathic treatment will enhance the functioning of the immune system.