Vision Impairments and Strabismus

All 24 bones of the cranium move because the brain underneath is constantly moving. The orbit (eye socket) is made up of parts of seven cranial bones. Pressures from birth can compress those bones and distort the muscles around the eye and the nerves that go to the eye muscles and/or the eye itself. Cranial sacral osteopathy can relieve that pressure, restore proper motion, and then the nerves will heal.

If diagnosed early (before age three), I have successfully treated strabismus (inward or outward turning eyes), blocked tear ducts or constantly weeping eyes.

Normal brain function, including the visual centers, requires free motion of the cranial bones for proper function. Cranial sacral osteopathy, along with vision training, can help your child learn more easily.

Often a misdiagnosis of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is given, when the problem is with the vision. The vision should always be checked before anything else with learning disabilities.