My entire family has seen Dr. Newlon for osteopathic treatment for many years. Her treatment has been a great help with my own chronic back problems. My children and I all notice a real sense of well-being after seeing her for osteopathic manipulative treatment. I think that she provides a type of care that can be an important adjunct to conventional medical treatment.— Michael Harris, M.D., Marin County


Liam had his first treatment with Dr. Barbara at five days old, and her soothing touch was evident immediately. As Liam has grown he has continued having treatments at regular intervals. I credit his uncommon good health to his clear and comfortable body. He always looks forward to his visits with Dr. Barbara. — Hilary Craddock, San Rafael, CA

I had gone to Dr. Newlon for awhile for a chronic injury and knew how much she was helping me to heal, but I had not taken my kids until my son did not seem to be returning to normal after a concussion. After his first treatment with Dr. Newlon his eyes looked clearer and he felt better. Now all three of our boys, plus my husband, regularly seek treatment from her and will ask for an appointment if their bodies feel out of whack. They feel more like themselves after they see her.
Suzanne, Mill Valley, CA

Dr. Newlon’s practice is a wonderful place for children of all ages. She has helped all three of my kids from the newborn stage to the older child. It is remarkable to see the changes she has made in a baby with colic. She is a warm and friendly physician whom my children feel very safe and comfortable to be around. She makes it very easy for the children to visit a doctor because of her knowledge and experience with children.
Mary Ann Snyder, Tiburon, CA