Wry Neck

WryNeck_brain_cord-162x300Torticollis (wry neck) is the shortening of the neck muscles on one side so the baby cannot freely move the head to one side and usually prefers to suckle only one breast (the one it can turn to most easily).

This is commonly seen and often physical therapy is recommended, but I find that most torticollis cases will not resolve completely with physical therapy because there is always cranial bone distortion involved and unless this is addressed, the results are poor to average. Often mothers report to me that the baby screams a lot in physical therapy sessions. This is because only one area is addressed, when in actuality the body is complex. The baby screams because the body cannot let go completely if only the muscles are addressed. The dura mater is the core connective tissue of the body (the central and deepest connective tissue). The dura needs to move freely first before the rest of the connective tissues around muscles and vertebrae will move freely; it is continuous through the base of the brain and surrounds the spinal cord, having direct bony attachments to the first three cervical vertebrae. There is also a direct ligament connection to the dura between cervical vertebrae one and two.

I also find that there is thoracic and rib bone compression in torticollis cases, as well as shoulder bone involvement.