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April 16, 2020
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Osteopathy for Migraines
Migraine Headache
Osteopathy can be extremely effective in the treatment of migraine headaches. There are various factors that can contribute to the generation of migraines including stress, diet, fatigue, dehydration, hormonal influences and postural dysfunctions. An osteopath will consider all of these factors, but structural reasons for migraine headaches is the first place to start in addressing the problem.
Osteopaths are expertly trained to feel tension changes in all body tissues, and correct postural strains that can produce these tension changes, with the use of gentle manipulation techniques. Improper posture when standing and/or sitting can create increased muscle tension in the upper back and neck, that can develop into a migraine from tension referral to the head or decreased blood flow to the brain.  Osteopaths take into consideration how the whole spine moves along with the pelvis, sacrum and cranial bones.  Dysfunction in the movement of these structures can produce headaches. The free motion of the cranial bones allows for the normalization of both blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow around the brain, alleviating headache patterns. Osteopathy will increase motion of bones, organs, membranes around organs(including the brain), and the lymphatic motion allowing healthy flow of blood and lymph fluid,delivering oxygen and other nutrients to the whole body and allowing the body to remove toxins and taking pressure off cranial nerves.
Osteopathy was made famous for treating migraine headaches successfully by a Hollywood director who was treated by Dr. Sutherland, founder of the Cranial Concept, in the 1940′s. A film he produced about Osteopathy in the Cranial Field is still used today as an introduction for first year students of the Cranial Concept.
President Dwight Eisenhower was successfully treated for his migraine headaches by an Osteopath in Denver, Colorado.

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