Adult Care

Osteopathy is now recognized as an effective treatment for a wide range of painful disorders. It helps restore the function of the musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles and ligaments). The aim is to relieve pain and get you going again as quickly as possible.

Most adults come to me for pain syndromes, that are a direct result of car accidents or falls,and sometimes dental procedures. Osteopathy is more effective in relieving pains syndromes than chiropractic or physical therapy, because Osteopathy integrates the subtle motion of the cranial bones and cerebral spinal fluid and membranes motion around the brain, with the gross motion of the bone, muscles, and ligaments; as is really should be in the body.

However, many adults will notice over time that with Osteopathic treatment, that they are in general healthier, having fewer colds and flu, and that their energy is better, and that they sleep better.

Osteopathy involves a whole body approach to assessment and treatment. This is important as symptoms may show up in many areas, and these areas may differ from the source of the problem. Osteopathy is the science of understanding the integration of the multiple systems, and the treatment art of promoting integrated function and healing.

  Pain: neck & back pain, sciatica, headaches, jaw pain & TMJ, arthritic pain, motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries

Systemic Problems: neurological symptoms, digestive complaints, IBS, bloating, reflux, genitourinary disorders, prolapse, incontinence, circulatory problems.

Respiratory Illness: asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, allergies, pneumonia, chronic sinus congestion.

Pregnancy Issues: edema & swelling, back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, digestive upset.