Cancellation Policy: Appointments must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to arrival. Please understand that it can be difficult to fill your appointment with even 48 hours notice. I appreciate as much notice as possible. Please cancel Monday appointments by the prior Thursday.

Charges for Late Cancellations and No Shows: I understand that events happen that are not foreseeable. In order to manage a successful practice, I must charge any patient for appointments not canceled 48 hours in advance. If I am able to fill the appointment, there will be no charge. As a courtesy to our patients, we will endeavor to call and remind patients of appointments. However, it is still the patient's responsibility to keep appointment times.

Late Arrival: I make every effort to stay on time and I ask that patient do also. Appointments are scheduled at 30-minute intervals. However, your body dictates what needs to be done for that day. Therefore, a treatment may take me 25 minutes and sometimes, 40 minutes. I take the time I need and occasionally you will have to wait 10-20 minutes for your appointment.

Emergency Treatments: Emergency treatments are scheduled as soon as possible. I leave an emergency slot for urgent needs. Please call my office as early as possible.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: If this is a motor vehicle accident and we are billing your automobile insurance, you are responsible for paying any amounts the insurance company does not pay.

Payment: Payment is expected at time of your visit. I will provide you with a super bill for insurance purposes, which includes diagnosis codes and fee.